Class Website Project for Students

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use html for basic web page coding
  2. Modify css to create a new web page style
  3. Work effectively in a team to develop and manage a website with multiple contributors - meeting the specified requirements of a client
  4. Write a clear and comprehensive project brief
  5. Plan, write, adapt and follow a project schedule
  6. Reflect on the effectiveness of your contribution to a project team


Personal Reflection on your work

The last ten to fifteen minutes of every lesson will be devoted to the writing of a reflective journal. You will be required to answer questions and provide a rating of your participation and submit this prior to leaving class. You will also complete a final reflection at the end of the project, and submit this with your completed journal.

Reflective Journal   Reflection Assessment Rubric

Project Brief

submitted at the start of lesson 3

Project Brief Template   Project Brief Assessment Rubric

Project Schedule

submitted at the start of Lesson 4

Project Schedule Template   Project Brief Assessment Rubric

Web Host Selection Report

submitted at the end of Lesson 5

Website Comparison   Website Choice Report

HTML coding activities

completed during Lessons 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Introduction to HTML   HTML Review and Extension

CSS writing activities

completed during Lessons 11, 13, 14 and 15

Introduction to CSS   CSS Review and Extension

HTML and CSS Quiz

completed during Lesson 15

Final Website Project – website & documents

submitted during Lesson 18

Project Assessment Rubric   Project Information