Women's Football on TV

Being able to watch women's football (at any level) on TV is a relatively new thing. Depending on the level, location, and type of competition, the places to look can be hard to find, and the platform with rights tends to change (as it becomes more popular). This is a good thing, overall, but frustrating at times. 

This page will be updated as often as possible, and if not always 100% accurate, hopefully will give you places to start at least.

A League

The A-Leagues are Australia's national competitions. 

The A League Women is also known as the Liberty A League. Paramount + has both live, saved, and min-matches, while 10Play will show some live, and have some saved games from national teams and various comps.


The Women's Super League from England is one of the more competitive national competitions in Europe. 

This competition features a lot of Matildas (the Australian national team) as well as some of the best players from around the world.


UEFA Women's Champions League is free to watch using the DAZN app or on the DAZN YouTube channel.

You'll need to sign up for an account or follow their channel.

Women's Football is free to watch on the DAZN app, and includes Liga F from Spain and the Saudi Women's Premier League in addition to the UWCL.


The National Women's Soccer League is the national competition for women in the USA. 

There are players from a range of countries playing in this comp, and time differences mean that games are often live throughout weekend days in Australia.